Since 1795

or over 200 years, you have been able to discover authentic and real wines produced using simple methods, far from any current standardizing processes. Each wine that you will taste will reveal its own particular personality and will fully reflect its grape variety or its terroir with regards where it comes from and its range. Choosing biodynamic farming methods is an extra step in our vision of excellence for the future. Try our wines and you will understand our philosophy and what makes our wines so different !


Riesling Grand Cru Pfersigberg Trois Châteaux

It’s one of our vineyards’ little gems sourced from a 40 year-old block. It lies at 380 metres altitude on a marl-chalk-sandstone soil, the perfect spot for Riesling which surprises us every year with its finesse and class. You can find a real sense of this spot in this wine thanks to all the painstaking and sustainable work carried out from vineyard to cellar. After a long and natural fermentation process, intense and complex aromas of ripened fruit are obtained, with white flowers on minerals after several years.


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