Charles Wantz

Since 1563

he Charles Wantz winery, led by Eliane, Charles Wantz’ s daughter and her husband Erwin Moser, produces over 1 million bottles per year. The family owns vineyards on the slopes around Barr, Heiligenstein, Mittelbergheim and Andlau; their grape supply is supplemented by buying in large quantities too. Wantz has always had high standards for quality and authentic wines focusing on balance, finesse and elegance while reflecting a ‘sense of place’. Charles Wantz’s wines are now found in about 25 countries.


Riesling Grand Cru Wiebelsberg 2011

This wine represents our know-how, high standards and philosophy when it comes to serious Alsace food wines: dry and classy with complexity, substance, fine acidity, nice length and remarkable ageing potential. Our Riesling Grand Cru Wiebelsberg regularly scores well with top sommeliers and the press.


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